B&W Ointment Reviews

B&W Ointment is a highly effective burn & wound cream providing some of the fastest healing & pain relief known. B&W's all-natural ingredients aid in skin rejuvenation and is proven to minimize scarring. Made and used by the Amish for over 25 years.

Video Transcript One: 

You came in this morning, you were here and you were conversing with Bill and you had delivered some products that we had ordered last week, the B&W ointment for burns and wounds, and he was telling you what it did to him. I'm gonna let Bill tell you what it did to him and why I used it, because of how it reacted for.

And my reaction was because I have a spur on my foot, and the doctor had told me last year that he couldn't do anything with the spur, but he did give me a shot, which lasted only a couple weeks. It should have lasted longer. So last week, this, at nighttime, my foot was hurting really bad. It was throbbing and it had never done that.

And I mentioned to Bill something about it hurting and he said, why don't you try, I put some of this on your foot and it will probably take it away from the hurt. I also use it on my elbow, which I've had problems with for years. and it takes two or three days for it to not hurt After I work to about an hour after using the sa uh, my elbow and I highly recommend the product.

Yes. See mine short and sweet. Hers is a little winded. And then I did try the sad a few nights ago. I've tried it three nights and the very first night after the, the one night that it was really. That next night I put this salve on my foot, and lo and behold, I woke up in the morning. I had no pain at all in my foot, which I thank God for that because being sleeping and having pain in any part of your body is not good.

But my foot was actually, I was able the next day to put some more on, and I had new shoes that I had just got. I put them on. I thought, oh, maybe it's the shoes. I think it's the ointment. Because yesterday I went shopping and I was in and out of my car, which usually makes me hurt, makes my foot hurt. It's hard on that foot, and I had no pain whatsoever.

It was lessened anyhow, because I didn't feel it. And I came home and. I just think it's a great thing. We also recommended to a young boy that was doing some tree work for us who had burned his leg on a chainsaw and he showed it to us and I actually gave him a little bit out of this particular jar that I'm holding because this is the jar we purchased from you last week, and he has been using it and it has been helping him.

So I love the product. and the main thing when I read it last night, it also contains, it contains an ingredient as well as other things called mer, which is something that has been used in the Bible way, way back. It's been used for healing. It's been used for certain aroma things to make aromas last longer and make things last.

So it is a product as well as the other ingredients in it. They work together and they're doing what they need to do. So we have ordered, the reason you came today was to do a little more work on a roof, but we had ordered some jars that we could give for some friends of ours for Christmas. We are very satisfied with the product and we thank you for offering it to us.

Video Transcript Two:

Good morning, my name is Renee. I want to tell you about a great product, BW. It's for wounds and burns. We tried it on a spider bite that my husband had last week and it did miraculously. It was great. It was healed up in like a day and a half. It was a fairly good sized infected spider bite.

Video Transcript Two:

Hey, I'd like to tell you what happened to me. I'm a landscaper and I was cleaning some evergreen trees the other day, pulling out thick boughs of dead material on them, and I got this horrible splinter from one of the evergreens deep in my hand. And, you know, it hurt, but I said, oh well, I'll deal with it later. I kept working, and about an hour later I said I got a deal with this so I tried to get the splinter out I got my knife out got a little razor blade knife I tried everything to get that splinter out, but it was like a barbed hook and it wouldn't come out So I came home. I soaked my hand in water got tweezers got a needle did all the horrible brutal Kitchen sink kind of surgery, you know that never usually turns out good and after that it was worse and in more pain and I said I've got a bed of infection gonna happen here if I don't do something and then I remembered we've got the greatest product in the cabinet we use it all the time I went and got my B&W and I just put a big glob of B&W on it like a big old wad of gum or something, you know. Then I put the biggest, softest band-aid over it and I let it sit overnight. Went to bed on it. It was throbbing, it was painful, almost kept me awake for a little while. But in the morning, I got up, took a shower, pulled that band-aid off, and that splinter literally shot out of the wound and it was a big, I wish I had it here to show you, it was an ugly barbed spear and it came out. I kept the B&W band-aid on it for about another day or two and it is totally healed beautifully. I don't have, it was just amazing. The stuff has the ability to pull out infection, pull out splinters. It's just a great product. I love it.

I don't work for B&W, but I'm telling you if you get cuts and things stuck in your hand or little things used to B&W, it's wonderful. It'll be the greatest first aid you have. I always find it best if you put it in a band-aid over it and it protects it and it makes that soft, soothing soothing power of the B&W work. Thank God for it. I give God the glory most of all because he gave somebody the wisdom and he gave us all the good plants to make such a wonderful product. Bless you today.