B&W Ointment

Where to Buy B&W Ointment

What is B&W Ointment? 

B&W Ointment provides the fasters healing and pain relief known. It is a highly effective burn & wound cream. The all-natural ingredients of B&W aid in skin rejuvenation and are proven to minimize scarring. The Amish have been making and using this Ointment for over 25 years. The B&W Ointment preserves the good bacteria, and it does not kill them along with the bad. It allows good microorganisms to live while not allowing harmful microorganisms to multiply. It prevents the wound from getting infected. The powerful ingredients in B&W Ointment make soft tissue heal amazingly fast while also soothing pain. 

Main uses: 

B&W Ointment can be used for burns, sunburns, cuts, bruises, wounds, tissue injury, eczema, chapped lips, and more.

How to apply B&W Ointment to burns for best results? 

1. Cool burn (with cold water or other liquid) for up to 20 min. Start cooling even before removing clothing.
2. Clean wound by stopping the bleeding, removing any debris, and disinfecting. (B&W Ointment is not an antiseptic, however, it effectively prevents growth of harmful bacteria).

3. Stir ointment to a creamy texture (for nearly painless application to tender wound), apply a thick coat over entire burn and then bandage.
4. Change dressing every 12 hrs.

If there is no skin loss, the above directions are sufficient. If there is skin loss, there are other steps that may be taken to aid healing. Please consult the booklet  Burn Aid  for these steps and much more information on treating burns.

 Where to buy B&W Ointment? 

B&W Ointment is is available on Nature's Doctor Online Store.
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